August 08, 2020

Youth Hub Sala Jadida

Summary of the Project :

the objectives of this project are :

  1. To promote non-formal learning and cooperation in the field of youth with the Partner Countries, in specific with Morocco, while promoting equity, social cohesion, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, and preventing violent radicalization;
  2. To support the volunteers in the acquisition of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences) with a view to improving their personal development (such as self-empowerment and self-esteem), enhancing their employability in the European labour market and beyond;
  3. To promote opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities of intercultural awareness, experience and learning European values, such as respect for human dignity; equality, human rights, tolerance, non-discrimination, justice, solidarity and equality between men and women. Volunteers will have a privileged contact with indoor and outdoor contexts which could allow volunteers interesting learning in terms of knowing how to deal and be in a world increasingly plural and diverse;
  4. To enhance the participants’ foreign languages competence, especially of English and Arabic;
  5. Raise the volunteers’ awareness and understanding of Moroccan reality and culture, through music, arts and environmental activities, being at the same time ambassadors of Portuguese culture, in the basis of an intercultural and peer learning.

Responsible of the Project in Morocco : Mohammed Tazrouti – International Programs Manager and President of FCC-Morocco

Responsible of the Sending Organisation in Portugal :    Juliana Santos President of the Excutive Board

Logistic and Finance : AitBrahim Youssef

Mentor of the EVS-Volunteers : Youssef Jebari

Communication : Abdelaziz Yatta (Partner) –

Graphic and Technical Support :  Ali Benfares

EVS -Volunteers :    TBC

Tasks of the Volunteers :

Learning to Learn :

Teaching Youngsters Language courses through a non formal Educational Methodology using tips of Activities in Group, rolePlay, Games and Energizers, Group Discussion, Reflection on Citizenship Education Environmental Education, Humain Rights…etc

Organise Education outdoor activities such as : Visit to Chellah – Cultural Events – theater sessions…etc

Outcomes of the Self-Learning:

Live in Host Family – Adaptability

Learning Arabic Language

Social and civic competence

Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

Cultural awareness and expression

Description of the tasks of the volunteer:

tasks can be grouped in the following way:

Tasks connected to experience of nature :

  1. Working with children and youngsters at schools and youth clubs, help them to understand how nature works and how to protect it.
  2. Working with classes and groups of children to find individual ways to learn from nature, motivate them to play with natural materials instead of with computers.
  3. Developing a plan for re-using a FCC’s grassland in the city of Sale .
  4. Preparing and reinforcing the activities with children and finding ways to interest children for nature. Developing new activities.


Tasks connected to democracy, participation and intercultural learning :

  1. Participating in activities with school classes and youth clubs. Working with children and young people for a better understanding of different cultural backgrounds and of their possibilities to actively take part in society.
  2. Preparing and reinforcing the activities with children and finding ways to interest children for democracy and intercultural learning. Developing new activities.
  3. Helping to prepare and implement a bigger event on children’s participation and democracy in May-June2017.
  4. Preparing and taking part in intercultural summercamps and youth exchanges.