August 18, 2018

YOUMAN Rights – Youth Exchange in Italy-Rome

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We are looking currently for Youth Moroccan Participants to participate in the youth exchange YOUMAN RIGHTS, which will be organised by Our Italian Partner organisation AGISCO in Rome -Italy from 11th-19th May2015.


About the Project

Human rights divide the world, human right can unite young people. The human rights education today must have a key role in the young people growth. To work with human rights means to make people aware of their PB056937rights and duties, but also transform people in citizen, that take care each other.

The understanding and practice of human rights is an important element in thepreparation of all young people for living in a democratic society that values diversityand is committed to equality and social justice. The project aim is to learn the basic facts about rights and acquire the needed skills to translate this information into action; skills such as decision making, value clarification, and negotiations but above all dissemination, sharing and peer and non formal education. Overall aim of the course

To develop the competence of young people to integrate and develop practices of human rights education in non formal and formal educational contexts, using Compass as a starting point. The training course education primarily target young people interested in training and education on human rights in non-formal and formal educational settings.

Objectives of the course

To introduce COMPASS as a tool for working on human rights education with children;

To develop the participants’ knowledge and competence in key concepts of human rights education

To familiarise the participants with the approaches and activities of COMPASS and how to best use it and adapt it to formal and non formal educational contexts and realities;

To discuss and develop the essential competences, skills and attitudes needed for trainers of human rights education;

Understand the basic concepts of human rights and the role of education rights human with young people.

To make participants aware of their potential multipliers of rights human in their youth organizations and local communities.

Understand the role played by human rights in the process of inclusion of minorities in our country;

To promote a constructive discussion with the local authorities and national rights human and social inclusion of young people in our country in order to propose youth policy effective and inclusive to promote intercultural dialogue and equality for all;

To enable participants to develop activities and programs for further working on human rights education at local, national and European level;

To prepare activities for disseminating COMPASS at local and national level;

To contribute to the development of a pan-European network of trainers on human rights education with young people;

To develop in participants the essential skills (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that are useful to those who work in the context of non-formal human rights education.

Participant’s Profile:

Target of the project are Youth Leaders who promote actions and initiatives to spread awareness of human rights. All participants will be over 18. We do not limit the upper age, as youth workers

How to apply ?

Please contact us on for further information.

Fill in the online application form on :

Or contact your outgoing exchange coordinator :

Hassan AitTaleb : (Morocco)

Bouamama Abderrahmane : (Oujda- Regional Region)

Issam Marghich : (Rabat-Western Region)