September 25, 2020




  • The General Assembly is held every 4 years and is composed of delegates from all FCC delegations and branches throughout Morocco.  It is the body responsible for the election of the FCC Governing Board.  This is the team of people responsible for the strategic /Adminstrtaive management of theorganisation and its activities.
  • Board Office is responsible for the general planning, management and strategy of FCC, and it is composed of 5 members and meets at least once in three months.
  • FCC has Pole of trainers and a pole of Coordinators deleguates of FCC Morocco who can be registered as experts or individuals aged  over 18 years old.  Their main role within the organization  is the co-ordination of international activities in their local context in partnership with Local organizations, and the exchange of information on issues of concerning young people.
  • The FCC National Head Office is located in Rabat and is registered as a Moroccan youth organisation under the name of Forum Connecting Cultures in Morocco –  ملتقى تواصل و حوار الثقافات في المغرب.
  •  All the administrative and executive work is decided and handled by a stuff composed of Pesident -Geneal Secretary and Tresorar and local volunteers.


FCC is Gradually increasing the network of its national & international partners, and Spread its branches and representations throughout Morocco.