August 08, 2020

Partners & Membership

How to Become a Member

Accordign to Chapter IV, Article 1 & 2 of the FCC-Status “…Every one who would like to be a member witin the organisation FCC-Morocco he has to fulfill the following conditions :

  • Accept and adhere to objectives and principles of the organisation.
  • Respect the internal Rules and Structure of the organisation.
  • PAy the membership fee /Year(According to the internal rules of each FCC-Branch).
  • Have the ability and Conscieous to Work in Volunteering basis.

You can contact the nearest FCC-Branch in your City or Region to Subscribe for our programs as participant or member.

Being a member of FCC-Morocco, you will have the right to :

  • vote @ the General asseblies of the organisation.
  • Elect for a position in the Boardoffice /Pole of trainers and coordinators/
  • Benefit from the Projects and activities Cooridnated or organised by the Organisation in Morocco or Abroad (Seminars/Workcamps/Training courses/Youth Exchange programs …etc)
  • Permanent access to the FCC-Database (Incoming/outgoing departments)
  • Organise / Cooridnate Projects in Morocco on the behalf of the organisation.


Our Structure

Partners & Networks