August 08, 2020

Ready, Set… Peace Action! Training in Hungary

Baladna, CCABFCCIYPL, SCI HellasLeaders of LifeSCI CatalunyaSCI ItaliaSolidarites Jeunesses and CCIVS gathered in the Creative Space of our member organsation EGYESEK (Hungary). This training was meant not only to provide skills to design digital productions with contents on peace and human rights but also to allow participants to understand the different challenges related to human rights.
During this training, participants attended many discussion sessions and talked about human rights, current human rights abuses and local situations within the countries represented in this training. They also participated in many workshops about media and digital creations: photography, video-making, blogging etc. At the end, they created a common blog that will be regularly updated by all the participants who will talk about specific topics on human rights, such as immigration and refugees, women’s rights, environment and identities. Let’s check their work on:

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