October 21, 2018

PROJECT REALIZED : KINS(WO)MEN SMIT „CREATOR” – Murzasichle, Poland 22 – 28 September 2017

Two Moroccan participants deleguates from FCC-Morocco Represented the organisation at a contact making Seminar in Poland at…

KINS(WO)MEN SMIT „CREATOR” Bursztynowa str. 1/17
Kraków, Murzasichle, Poland from 22 – 28 September 2017

Creating new contacts, building a great
network, connecting different NGO to share, explore Erasmus+ Programme and inspire youngsters. Contact Making Event called Project’s Kins(wo)men will be held in Murzasichle, Poland from 22nd to 28th of September 2017. It will bring together youth workers from 12 countries. Through this
project we aim to provide participants with instruments and guidelines for successful
implementation and participation in Erasmus Plus projects. Using tools and methods of nonformal
education we will present to the participants project management
competences. We will also create a space, during the CME to build new long-lasting
partnerships among project partners. The certificate Youthpass will be used to recognize
competences gained by our participants. As a final result we will create new projects within
Erasmus Plus Programme Our objectives are:
• To improve participant’s project management competencies
• To network with participants and their organizations
• To create space for building and creating new international initiatives for and with youth with
Erasmus Plus frame
• To create a framework for sharing of good practices and peer learning related with non-formal
education methods and tools
• To provide up-to-date information about the Erasmus+ Program
• To promote multiculturalism and values of tolerance and equality;
• To present to the participants the examples of efficient cooperation in the sector of youth

Sailing the same sea

The non-formal education methods introduced during the project, provided possibility to create new projects within the Erasmus+ program. The participants took the chance to build new relations between different NGOs, to share the best practices within their local communities for a purpose of further development. Through intercultural programs the youth workers were exposed to new tools, methods as well as had the chance to work in multicultural environment, requiring and developing skills such as tolerance, empathy, communication and mutual understanding. Enjoying the given project is always a crucial part of the meetings, thus getting to know the local environment and culture of Polish highlands.

“The project was useful for the development of my project management skills, as well as for networking.” – mentioned by one of the Italian participants, Anita. Another Egyptian member of the team summarized, that he gained inspiration for the future projects, which was also one of the goals of the gathering. “During the project we had the opportunity to look for solutions for common problems each one of us is facing in our own communities.” – highlighted Rafaela from Greece.
Learning mobility projects of youth workers always support and focus on professional development, with different tools and methods. The transnational activities, as for example the described contact-making event, strengthens the quality and the role of youth work in Europe and raising motivation for further projects all around the world. It is important to see how such projects provide possibility to make changes in local communities in the fields of education, training, youth and sport.
The Project’s Kins(wo)men between 22nd-28th of September 2017 gave a unique opportunity to youth workers to gain knowledge, then return to their home countries to share the experience, skills and extend the success of the international Erasmus+ program on local levels.

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