August 08, 2020

International Student Festival in Timisoara

Story Highlights

  • Venue : Timisoara -Romania
  • Start : 22/07/2015
  • End : 02/08/2015
  • Deadline : 20/05/2015
  • Theme : Student Festival- Non formal education-University on youth self-developpementYouth - exchange program abroad

FCC -Morocco in Partnership with Liga AC Organiser structure of the ISWINT are launching the Application of participation in this unique Students Festival Event in a very beautiful landscape City of Romania in (Timisoara).

About Festival

ISWinT (International Student Week in Timisoara) is an international festival that gathers participants from all over the world each year since 1994. The purpose of this festival is to give the students from different countries the opportunity to communicate freely, to express their opinions in a productive manner, while enjoying a taste of our local culture. Each edition’s theme was selected in order to show the students’ concerns towards the present and the future:

Liga_acsigla_iswintFCC logo arab

ISWinT has reached the beautiful age of 22 years. Given the conditions that school can be a limited environment and the virtual scene too vast and filled with distractions for concentrating on our purpose, ISWinT is the perfect place to make a change. We wish to help everyone broaden their horizon. Thus, this year’s theme is focused on the idea of individual improvement: “Develop yourself: Design the future”.

In a world that oscillates between following some patterns and excessiveness in avoiding mediocrity, it’s getting harder to have the courage to focus and your own conceptions. Accomplishing to overcome these templates is a first step in personal development, needed not only for the individual but also for the society that lacks leaders with an overview.

How to Apply

All students aged between 18-28 years old are welcome to apply on :

If you have any problem in submitting your form, please contact us on


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