August 08, 2020

FCC E-Learning Platform

In the context of precautionary measures aimed at reducing infection and the spread of The  novel coronavirus COVID19, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and as a Rapid response from our Organization to engage in a spirit of Volunteerism and community Service,FCC- Morocco, is launching a series of online trainings, and  MOOC (online course) on different topics :

Adjusted ,Prepared and reviewed before publishing by our Volunteers/Members and our Moroccan Youth fans :FCC-Team


    • … (More content is under construction)

And any updated, or incoming event (Conference, Webinar, Virtual exchange or Digital campaigns will be updated eventually in our Website.

Opened for free access, for  organisations , and individuals in order to bring tools, learning and support to their professionals and organisations, so that they can perform strengthening processes in their organisations.

In solidarity with all Moroccan Youth and their Families in Morocco and Abroad, and every committed citizen to the Nation Rapid Response.

And We are ready with all capacities to support and Help any initiative/suggestion to promote virtually any educational tools/Books/ Videos and awareness channels in service of Moroccan Community service.

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