October 21, 2018

EVS in Portugal- (12 Months) – .V.Y.P.

EVS in Portugal- (12 Months) – .V.Y.P.

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“V.Y.P. – Volunteering as an engine for Young People”

Is a long term European Voluntary service Project will be hosted in Olhoa, for the First time in partnership with our Partner organization MOJU “Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão”

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“V.Y.P. – Volunteering as an engine for Young People”

Main Activities:

– Support the development of activities for youngsters, which will involve the

preparation of group dynamics, team building activities, cultural activities, sport

activities, and others, always in articulation with the association’s team at

MOJU’s head office;

– School support, where the volunteers will have the chance to have direct

contact with childrens and organise several outdoor activities;

– Support in the international relationships, helping the team in the organization

of International Trainings for cooperation of people from different nationalities in

various subjects, Youth Work Fields, for the promotion of volunteerism in

various subjects and International Training and Exchange Programs.

Who can apply:

Programme countries + Neighbour partner countries

Please read in the section how to apply, and for further information do not hesitate to write us.


Once we get enought applicants candidates, we will start selecting as soon as possible, within one month process.

You can always check wether you are still able to apply for this vacancy.

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