August 08, 2020

EPLM conference – The Power of Learning Mobility

1 – 4 April 2019 | Ostend, Belgium

FCC Morocco, was represented by the only Moroccan represetative Mr.Mohammed Tazrouti International Programs Manager and Founder President of FCC.

The history of the EPLM network: In 2011 the international conference ‘Framework, Quality, and Impact of Young Europeans’ Learning Mobility’ conference took place in Budapest. A total of 80 policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and institutions and organizations in the youth field from 27 countries joined the event. The aim of this European conference was to take stock of current debates and research findings on educational youth mobility, exchange insights into quality factors and program formats that will contribute to the desirable impact of learning mobility schemes for young Europeans and serve to identify common interests, resources, and interfaces as a basis for collaboration projects, studies and further exchanges within a European network of experts. An important outcome of the conference was the suggestion to implement a European Platform on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field. Meanwhile, a second conference took place in Berlin in 2013, resulting in the publication of the book “Learning mobility and non-formal learning in European contexts. Policies,  approaches and examples”. Until the end of this year the German association transfer e.V. is coordinating the network in cooperation with the German National Agency of the EU program Youth in Action. In 2014 the coordination will be handed over to another European country. 


you can watch the video online stream on clicking here Changing lives. It’s important to support: personal gain of individuals: development of competences, intercultural learning, increase of employability, developing European values, increase of personal investment and benefit

Changing society. We should discover more how to: create a more cohesive society, the altruism that comes with making a community a better place, impact of volunteering on host communities, internationalisation at home, providing opportunities for all, increased contribution and gain through the interchange that learning can bring…

Questions for the Conference
Within quality learning mobility projects, how can we…

Help young people to make (more of) a difference on a societal level?
Ensure we are capitalising on the potential of the two-way impact of projects? (hosting community on the project and project on the community?).
Assess the societal impact, from the perspectives of research, practice and policy?
Balance the individual and societal gain of learning mobility projects? Which tools, methodologies and approaches work well?
Ensure that these opportunities are not only for the privileged and the resourceful?
…and more topics to be developed in the months leading up to the conference

EPLM and JINT involvement
The European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM) is coordinated by the youth partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe. It aims to improve knowledge, visibility and recognition of learning mobility in the youth field through exchange and cooperation of stakeholders (researchers, policy makers and practitioners). In previous years Germany, Hungary, Turkey and France have hosted the biennial EPLM conferences, also with the support of other National Agencies.

JINT (NA BE-FL) is contributing its expertise to focus on this 2019 one. It’s an excellent occasion to celebrate learning mobility and the 30th anniversary of mobility programmes in Flanders.

More information about the background and development of the conference at the partnership webpage here.

The conference
It will be hosted in the Flemish town of Ostend, Belgium. Accommodation and conference costs will be covered through the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme, with support from the youth partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission. We welcome participants from all the countries of the Council of Europe and the Euromed region.

The conference programme will start 17h30 on Monday 1st April and will finish at 14h00 on Thursday 4th April 2019.

Food and accommodation will be covered from dinner on the 1st April to lunch on 4th April 2019 (early arrival/later stay will not be covered or organised by the conference budget/team). An additional researchers’ networking meeting will be held from 10h00 – 17h00 on Monday 1st April.

Participant profile
There will be 150 people supported for this conference. As the EPLM supports the connection between research, practice and policy, this event should have representation from all of these, as well as young people themselves. The national delegations, of maximum 4 people per country, should be a mix representing these 7 different profiles (not more than one of each):

Youth worker/NGO worker in the youth field
Young person (age 18+), especially if they have a story to tell about how their learning mobility experience influenced them to make a (positive) impact on society
People from ‘local communities’ – those connected to society impact or social capital, rather than learning mobility
Trainers from the youth field with a particular interest in societal impact from a practice, policy or research perspective.
Representatives from IYNGOs and individual researchers will also be supported.