April 22, 2018

“Employability for all” Youth Exchange 08-17 March 2018, Larnaca, Cyprus

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Employability for all is a youth exchange project aiming to bring together 30 young people (18-30 years) and 6 group leaders (no age limit), who is ready to try themselfs in a field of enterpreneurship, to share experience and knowledge of their countries, willing and able to work together with other youth regardless of their nationality, social status and disabilities.

FCC in Partnership with Stressball Organization, are cooperating together along with Partners from UK, Egypt, turkey, and Georgia to gather together the young people from different countries with different social background including the young people who faces social, economical and educational difficulties. There are diffrent level of development of social enterpreneurship, different experience and attitude in all countries which take place in the project.
36 participants from 6 different countries will learn and work together in Cyprus, 6 of the will be participants with be participants with disabilities.

All partner countries have long working experience with youth (also with disabilities) and, therefore, are well aware of how acute is the issue of lack of knowledge and information about social enterpreneurship.

The activities which are included into the programm of youth exchange course are based on the non-formal education methods and techniques.
All the planed activities are aimed at reaching the highest level of learning outcomes for the participants.
The main objectivies of the activities of the course are giving to the participant the freedom to express themselves, to share their experience and skill, to learn as much as possible in terms of the main topics of the social enterpreneurship using the methods of non-formal education.
The main idea of the exchnage is to give general knowledge to the participants about how it is possible to advance social initiatives and social enterpreneurship at the local, national and international levels.

How to apply :

Please read the condition of participation in FCC Projects, or contact one of our coordinators in your City Branch.

you can also apply online via our online appplication form, if you face any problem in filling in the application form , please contact us : info@fcc-maroc.org

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