August 08, 2020


The representatives of FCC Morocco as a Moroccan National Network member of ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION , are going to attend the inter-network action Artistic expression in fragile areas.

In a Euro Med region that faces a number of challenges, characterized by increasing instability, what’s the role we play in intercultural artistic expression in order to provide answers to challenges? Is art an effective way to dispel the storm of misunderstanding that shakes the region?


The Forum is organised by the Tunisian network coordinator, We Love Sousse and covers the following themes/topics:
– Intercultural artistic expression in a war zone
– Intercultural artistic expression in refugee camps
– Intercultural artistic expression in marginalised regions
– Intercultural artistic expression and victims of violence
– Intercultural artistic expression and victim of discrimination
– Intercultural artistic expression and radicalisation


The Forum Intercultural Artistic Expression in Fragile Areas, is organised under the framework of Intercultural activities of the annaLindh Foundation, between 8th-11th September 2017, in Sousse-Tunisia, within the participation of 15 countries from the Euromed Region and Neighbouring countries from the north of Europe, with the participation of hundreds of youth artists and social workers in the magnific city of Sousse, in its Medina and its suburbs, and Museums to debate and work in 3 days on themes relevant to the role of the Intercultural artistic expression in different challenges Given in Fragile Areas.

It is a Seminar of Reflexion and sustainable sharing experiences and good practices of the Forum Euro-Arab Organised in partnership with the manifestation Sfax Capital of Arab Culture in March 2017.

You find more information on the Reference Paper Enclosed


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