August 08, 2020



To promote peace, cultural understanding and youth empowerment through opportunities of international exchange and voluntary service overseas.

To provide a rich cultural experience for international volunteers, wishing to discover Morocco first hand. By fostering intercultural dialogue among people from different geographic and socio-economic backgrounds, FCC hopes to both preserve indigenous traditions, and find ways to shape modernization.

International and local volunteers have the opportunity to cooperate with each other, and to share cultural practices and values of different societies. In addition, FCC works to foster a public interest in cultural development towards community issues.

  • To promote international co-operation for cultural, educational and social purposes;
  • To work towards resolving conflicts and promotion of peaceful societies through awareness of humanitarian principles and respect for others.
  • To improve the relationships and promote tolerance among young people of different cultural /economical/ political realities;
  • To Promote awareness of heritage of the environment and sustainability.
  • To encourage the active involvement of all young people in society without distinction because of race, social status, educational levels or any other disadvantage.




 This photo was taken in Caltanessetta -Italy