April 22, 2018

FCC got Accreditation for EVS project


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FCC EVS Project 2014-1-FR02-KA110-009405 is officially accredited.

The decision was taken by Salto Euromed-Youth Resource Center, as institution responsible for EVS accreditation in South Mediterranean countries. The decision was made on the basis of recommendation from external accreditor(s) after:

  • the process of assessing documents provided by our organization,
  • on-spot visit of the external of the accreditor(s), as well as
  • Consulting phase after the visit which was the opportunity to provide additional information, clarifications or assurances regarding your accreditation application.

The Project Number : 2014-1-FR02-KA110-009405

For further details about our project you can check the EVS portal in the following Link :



Notice: We are also accredited to send Volunteers abroad within an unlimited number.

For those intersted volunteers and youth workers students, who are seeking to go abraod for an EVS approuved project, you can also contact us as your sending organisation